Over the years, I've worked with clients from across the US. Below are some of the amazing shout outs, testimonials and kind words that have been sent my way while working with these amazing individuals.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love everyday and hope this list continues to grow!


"Liz has given me back my confidence, my motivation and even my smile in pictures!"  - Marni
"Liz has changed my life. I have lost over 70 lbs, and although I have a ways to go still,  I don't know what I would have done without her. She is my trainer, my friend, my mentor, my advice giver, my pain in the ass, my sounding board and my inspiration." - Marissa
"Liz coached me on my eating and created a customized training plan just for me. My body has transformed in the last few months. I've never had this much success with anything, until now. Thanks to Liz I'm now in the body that I've always deserved."  - Giovanna
"Thank you Liz for helping me believe in myself and helping me realize anything is possible.  You're an excellent coach and trainer with a great balance of toughness, positive energy and have genuine care with all your clients.  You want us all to succeed!  You helped me succeed my personal goals and so much more!!!"   - Sandra
"After 4 months of preparation, I was ready to compete in my first figure competition. It was the 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships. I walked onto the stage confident and well-prepared, because I trusted Liz and her program. As an outcome, I won 2nd place Open and 2nd place Novice. Words cannot express my gratitude to Liz. This was an incredible experience and I had the best in the business by my side through it all."   - Kristina
"I have found more than a trainer/ coach in Liz. I have found family. I began training with Liz, not knowing if I would ever make it to the stage because of my own insecurities. I wanted to see if I could do it and get my body in the best shape of my life. I did it and have continued to do it with Liz’s training, nutrition, guidance and support.  I have continued to compete and make major gains. I finally have an understanding of how diet and training go hand in hand. If you do the work and trust her plan, you can transform your mind and body. Thank you Liz! You are definitely the best at what you do!"  - Karma
"Thank you Liz for chasing me down to join your team! So happy I did! Thank you for believing in me and taking me to the Figure Stage again after 2 years and helping me place 1st in my age group! It was an amazing experience!…I am 51 years old! It is never too late to get in shape!! -Donna
These past months of training with Liz has definitely been a life changing experience. We trained and worked hard for thestage and I won 2nd place Masters and 4th place Open in the bikini division. I have learned so much from Lizand have gained a great friend as well. She has introduced me to a whole new world; a world of people who share the same interests and hobbies that I do,  Liz has been a great coach and friend. She's pushed me to limits that I didn't know existed. She has transformed me into a woman who's proud to live in her own body.  -Ana
I became a client of Liz's in 2014 which began a two year investment in my well-being, an adventure that led me to the bodybuilding stage and to a lifelong, trusted friend. Liz has an incredible work-ethic and never stops learning, growing, and sharing her immense amount of experience. She is committed to getting results with her clients, no matter what goal they set for themselves. She will never ask you to do anything she hasn't done herself. As with any trainer, her personal fitness accomplishments are the best testimonial to her abilities and dedication both to the sport of bodybuilding and the lifestyle of health and fitness. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to get serious about their fitness.  - Laura
In all my years of fitness I have never met someone as dedicated to their craft than Liz. She is far beyond a trainer and more of a master at the sport of fitness. She not only helped to get me in shape but she taught me the mechanics needed to achieve my goals, and how to work smarter at getting there. Liz is focused, determined and one of the most disciplined people I have ever met. -Iman
As a client of Liz's I can attest to the fact that she is not only a poised, professional, and caring personal trainer, but also an amazing business woman. Personally coming from a corporate fitness background it is not often to come across someone in the fitness industry who not only trains her clients to their maximum potential but also run a very successful business. Liz does both. - Zara
Liz not only helped me lost 15lbs within a few months she challenged by body and mind to perform differently. She gave me the essential tools to believe in the work I put into myself and the rest transforms on its own. Plus she's funny and a good storyteller, so sessions are not so dreadful like you may experience with other trainers. -Carrina
I have known Liz for about 10 years and I first trained with her at Club H gym. I never had a personal training session before so I was a beginner to any type of training. She made it so comfortable and was very patient especially when my form was incorrect. She made it really easy to acclimate to the rigorous, yet effective and fun workouts. At first I was a bit shy to actually get in the "zone" and being around the "pros" in a gym can be a bit intimidating, but she was always attentive and very personable so the sessions were always enjoyable.
Years later, she and I reconnected for personal training sessions as an independent pro trainer. Not only were our workouts the same as before, but she also incorporated a healthy meal plan that was not only affordable, but well balanced especially with my busy schedule. There are times where I would be delayed coming from work and she was always flexible and made the necessary arrangements to still meet to train.
I can say that over the past several years of knowing Liz, she has become a great friend and strong influencer to my life. - Jasmine