The program

I work in gyms every day and at every single one I encounter at least one person completely wasting his or her time. They're either performing an exercise entirely wrong or in the wrong form.

For me, it's all about results. The number one requirement for any successful weight-loss / get fit program is that you MUST understand the process.  By this, I mean you must be educated about what it takes to work out and eat correctly.    If you set solid, realistic goals and dedicate the time and work required,  you will get results. It’s that simple.

With years of experience as an NPC Figure competitor and a trainer with countless clients, I have a deep insight into what makes the body tick. I’ve compiled my personal experience and professional knowledge into a comprehensive training and nutrition regimen that is guaranteed to produce transformative results.  It’s called The Program.   These workouts / nutrition plans are designed to address the need's of individuals with varying levels of fitness and lifestyle.  They are made to increase your metabolic rate while focusing on fat reduction, lean muscle growth and increased endurance. 

The philosophy behind The Program is based on 4 principles that will guide you through the process  – it’s my 4T’s to success.  These principles are necessary in completing The Program – as they will serve as your base of thought when the process challenges you in ways you are not used to.  Take a look below and find the right plan for you!



the philosophy: 4T's of success.


Each of us has to reach our own personal truth before beginning the process of transformation.  Tell the TRUTH about your eating habits – good and bad.  Be truthful about your body – what do you like or dislike and what you would like to change about it? This is the first step towards lasting rewards.


In today’s world, it’s normal to want results immediately or to give up quickly and fall back into old habits.  TRUST yourself and the process.  Believe that you have what it takes to create the changes you want to see. 


TRAIN to win.  Push yourself to a new level each time you pick up those weights or step onto that treadmill.  Program your mind to plow through thresholds and create higher ones with each lift or step. You’re guaranteed to see results.


Watch your body and your mind TRANSFORM.  The changes you see in your body and the confidence you build in yourself will go far beyond your training in the gym. You will never be that same old person again. Transformation is very powerful. It will change your entire life. 




Program Jumpstart  caters to the individual with limited time and means to get in a daily workout.   Created as 20-minute metabolic boosters, these workout plans are designed to tap into your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in the simplest way possible.  The five workouts focus on different areas of concentration (Chest & Back, Shoulders, Legs, Abs and Full Body).  It's the perfect cocktail to catapult you into a fat burning zone and jump start your day.  Each program can be conveniently downloaded to your mobile device in PDF form.

Required materials:  Jump rope and a pair of light dumb bells ( 5, 8, or 10 lbs).  

Recommended:   Perform as a fasted / morning cardio program.  Seek advice from a medical professional before starting any new fitness program. 

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Program Tread Includes five programs targeting different areas of the body. This is a high intensity, 60-minute workout that can burn up to 800 calories in just one hour!  All program details can be conveniently be downloaded to your mobile devise in PDF form.

Required materials:  Treadmill, a pair of light dumb bells ( 5, 8, or 10 lbs), and access to circuit weightlifting machines.  

Recommended:   Perform as an intense HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) program.  Seek advice from a medical professional before starting any new fitness program. 

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Lift I & II:

Program Lift offers two levels of intensity (Lift 1 and Lift 2) and caters to both novice and advanced individuals. Both programs consist of 5 individual target zones - chest, back, shoulders, quads and glutes in a body building split fashion - and includes 4 - 5 different exercise movements per split. Lift 1 is for the beginner / novice athlete, while Lift 2 includes advanced movements and incorporates progressions.

Required materials: Access to a  public / private gym with a wide range of weight lifting equipment.

Recommended: Master LIFT 1 Program before moving on to LIFT 2 Program. Seek advice from a medical professional before starting any new fitness program.

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Program Eat is the the foundation of your fitness transformation and one of the most important Programs for you to follow. There are two main components when approaching food - what to eat and when to eat it.  Program Eat teaches you how to consume small meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day which will help you  increase your metabolic rate, burn fat and leave you more energetic resulting in a leaner physique.  Program Eat includes six portioned meal plan suggestions and a list of substitutions for each meal. Variety is key to avoid the trap of boredom which inevitably leads to making bad choices. Preparation and portion control are essential to the success of this program.

Required: Access to key food recommendations and strict adherence to meal consumption and timing.

Recommended: Use these meal plans in line with a consistent work out regimen. Seek advice from a medical professional before starting any new fitness program.

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Program Shred is a 3 - month nutritional program catered specifically for the individual who is self-sufficient in the gym and currently training, but whose diet needs tweaking. It includes supplement recommendations and a cardio schedule that will work with your training. It also includes bi weekly, 15 -minute phone check-ins which will require progression photos from you. This plan is designed to get you the six pack you've always dreamed of. 

Required: Dedication, precision and focus. Meticulous with following directions and the ability to prepare meals weekly. Bi-weekly check-ins via internet and phone. 

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Program Prep is for a specific group of individuals who are driven  to take their fitness journey to the next level.  It's for the person who is disciplined, dedicated and focused - training with only one purpose in mind - the Competitive Stage. If this sounds like you, I can develop a personal program to help you to achieve your dream.   If you are interested in competing in Figure, Physique or Bikini, please email me for contest prep information.  

Required:  Access to a fully-loaded public gym with various weight training and cardio equipment. Ability to visit the gym more than once a day on average for 12-16  weeks.

Recommended: Read my blog post on the 7 Things you should know before taking the stage.

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individual training:

Accountability matters when setting your fitness goals.  Along with eating a clean diet, a regular regime of cardio training and weightlifting is essential to building strong muscles and bones and a vital to increasing your metabolic burn.  If you’d like to work with me one-on-one or with a small group friends or others with similar fitness goals, I will work with you to create a training schedule to fit your needs. Email me for a list of the gyms I train out of and to set your schedule.

Required: Must reside in the NY / NJ area and have the ability to attend regularly scheduled sessions for maximum results.